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Rental for May to October
For a stay between min. 3 nights and 4 weeks

(Yoga, Reiki, Massages treatments and/or seminars available)

Wooden house
Between 50 Euros and 80 Euros per night, depending on how many people. 

In July and August between 60 and 90

Between 40 and 55 euros per night.

In July and August between 50 and 65

20 Euros for 1 person and 30 Euros for 2 people, per night.

In July, August and September 25 for 1 person and 35 for 2 people

More information

There is always a single fee for end cleaning, bedding, towels, internet, electricity, gas. per accommodation.

If you need different conditions e.g. - you could work and pay less, please, only ask :)

For other period out of June to September or if you'd like to stay for a longer time, please
contact Arupa

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